Rick Smith

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Rick Smith

Lead Guitar, Vocals



I grew up in Sunrise, Florida. Some friends taught me some chords when I was 14. I started my first band when I was 15...  a LONG time ago!

I played with some good bands over the years:

  • Sweetwater Lane 1977-1978

  • Karnival 1979-1980

  • Sneak Attack 1981-1983

  • The Electric Lunch Band  (WSHE promos) 1984-1987

I have performed throughout South Florida in various clubs and outdoor events, such as Six Flags Atlantis, Miami Marine Stadium, Hollywood Sportatorium, etc. I got to open for some name acts. Then I took 20 years off to raise a family. I started jamming with these guys in 2009 and here we are..

I had 2 years of classical training with Del Staton in 1978-1979... by now I forgot it all... not that I meant to.

I play Fender and Gibson guitars through Mesa Boogie and Fender amps. I try to bring excitement and some obscurity in the songs we choose to perform.. YA GOTTA HAVE FUN!!

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