John Crockett, Bass



John Crockett

Bass Guitar. Vocals


Iím a Florida native, born right here in Fort Lauderdale. After living in Central Florida for seven years, I moved back to Lauderdale in 1977, and have been here ever since.

I started playing bass when I was 19, in a number of very bad but very enthusiastic garage bands. We had no idea what we were doing, but we sure had fun. Eventually we graduated from the garage to do parties, then clubs and the occasional outdoor event.

Iíve played in a number of groups in both Central and South Florida doing a variety of styles, from blues to rock to jazz, funk and R&B. Though I enjoy all kinds of music, rock and roll has always been my first love. I play Ibanez and Carvin six- and seven-string basses, and use Hartke amps exclusively.

Iím pleased and excited to be part of the Big City Dogs. Not only are they a great bunch of guys and extremely talented musicians, but they know how to have funóand thatís really what itís all about.

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